Coventry Paranormal Investigators


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The purpose of Coventry Paranormal Investigators team is to provide a quality service to anyone who is experiencing unusual phenomena and is looking for someone to provide a thorouh investigation into what is happening.  Our team is experienced in this field and has a friendly attitude and a caring understanding approach to your concerns.  CPI also carries out its own paranormal research by investigating alleged haunted locations and buildings in order to build up a database of knowledge for the purpose of understanding this field and sharing with others.


Mission Statement and Objectives

Our main objective is to provide a quality service to our clients at all times whilst also collecting and recording data on possible haunting and paranormal phenomena that will assist with research and education in this field. Coventry Paranormal Investigators (CPI) is run by the whole team who are dedicated experienced paranormal investigators. As we have been running for some years we have acquired valuable skills and experience that makes this team reliable and professional. We pride ourselves in providing a quality service to all our clients throughout the UK who can depend on us to deliver a professional confidential service. CPI aims to maintain good working relationship with other paranormal groups in order to help build a more universal understanding of the paranormal subject.


Our Services

Our team can cater anything from a small house to a large museum or hotel, whatever the need we can be depended on to always meet those needs.  Our service would consist firstly with a an informal consultation to identify what type of problems are occurring, sometimes at this meeting we may ask the client to keep a diary for a couple of weeks so that we can get a better picture of what's happening.  We would then review the diary and see if there is a I need to continue the diary or arrange a suitable date with the client where we would come in with any required pieces of equipment and spend the night at the clients location trying to capture and record the activity being experienced. Following this we would spend a few weeks analysing the recordings and drawing up a report that lists the entire investigation and its findings. A copy of the report would then be given to the client during a post investigation review and another copy will be archived securely in our database in case of further investigations required by the client.