Coventry Paranormal Investigators


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In order to guarantee a professionally run investiation that gives our clients a quality service, our team follows a code of conduct along with group policies and procedures. Our code of conduct is outlined here in which all CPI investigators enthusiastically follow:


  1. Respect must be given to the client at all times, to their property and the surrounding environment. Respect must also be given to team members and their equipment.
  2. No information or evidence of any investigation must not be disclosed, discussed or passed onto thrid parties by any team member without the prior written consent of the client.
  3. confidentiality must be given at all times unless stated otherwise by the client.  Any team member found breaking this confidentiality would immediately be dismissed from the CPI team.
  4. Team members should not touch or move any equipment that has been setup by someone else without seeking their permission first.
  5. Coventry Paranormal Investigators will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of team members equipment or belongings, it is the sole responsibility of individual investigators to secure their equipment and belongings.
  6. When any team member enters or leaves a location they must ensure that is left as they found it.
  7. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas agreed with the client, smoking is prohibited in any areas under investigation.
  8. Eating or drinking is only permitted in the designated refreshment area that has been agreed with the client and only during the break times.
  9. Alcohol is strictly prohibited to be brought to any investigation and members must NOT be intoxicated on arrival to an investigation.  Any team member found intoxicated or bringing alcohol to an investigation will be immediately asked to leave and dismissed from the CPI team.
  10. Team members must not leave the investigation site until they have informed the investigation organisers, this is for health and safety reasons.
  11. Any media or electronic data information (e.g video, photos, audio) captured from the investigation must remain confidential unless otherwise stated by the client.