Coventry Paranormal Investigators


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We use an extensive range of equipment to assist us with the investigation in trying to record and capture the phenomena activity. About x8 modern infrared cameras would be set up in areas with the most known activity and fed back to the DVR and monitor. Members of our team would sit and monitor the cameras throughout the investigation whilst other team members would be located in the areas with known activity. Having members seated at the monitor watching the cameras also helps to establish where each of the team members are situated helping to eliminate them from being the cause of any activity.

Remote wireless thermometer loggers are also set up in areas of known activity so that any temperature fluctuations can be measured accurately. The data from these loggers is then downloaded using the accompanying software, analysed and measured against other data collected from the investigation. Occasionally we will use movement sensors in areas that might be difficult to cover with the cameras or team memebrs whereby an alarm is given if they are triggered by movement, this helps to put tighter control on the investigation.

Audio recording is carried out using various pieces of equipment but typically includes handheld voice recorders or a microphone positioned into an area of known audio activity which is then attached to a laptop ourside of the area and feeds into software which will record in real time and provides us with a visual recording using a spectrogram within the software. Also, an infrared beam breaker is used in corridors and doorways to sound an alarm if the beam is suddenly broken. This is especially useful in areas where footsteps have been heard or doors have opened or closed on their own. Also used for door activity are the alarmed door wedges which are postiioned in a way so that if a door closes by itself onto the wedges an alarm is given.