Coventry Paranormal Investigators


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CPI always carries its own public liability insurance which enables us to provide a better service to our clients and to add to our reputation as being a safe, reliable and professionally run team. We also have a qualified first aider on site with a fully loaded first aid kit and a risk assessor who will carry out a risk assessment of the location prior to any investigation.


 Furthermore, we carry with us a set of our own policies and procedures to ensure a smooth, safe and professionally run investigation by the team. We operate a strict rule of no smoking except in external designated areas at the clients discretion. There is also a strict policy of no alcohol consumption at or prior to the investigation, no alcohol is to be brought on site to the investigation. All of our investigators are expected to wear the CPI team uniform at any investigation so that the client can easily identify us and ensure that no intruders are present unless agreed with the client. Prior to an investigation our risk assesor may carry out a risk assesment in order to ensure a safe working environement. Occassionally we may investigate locations where the environment is unstable and the client may request us to wear hard hats and high visibilty vests and as CPI respects our clients safety concerns we are always happy to carry this out.