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Our main aim is to try and capture any phenomena that is occurring at the location. Every investigation is approached using scientific type methods and views where we use an extensive range of latest modern technology to capture, record and log every step of the investigation. A final report of the investigation and its findings is given to the client as well as a copy archived securely in our database. Most of our investigations may consist in the use of CCTV IR Cameras, audio recording software, remote wireless temperature logging, voice recorders, IR breakers and various other recording or motion detected devices.


Details and Methods of a CPI Investigation

The first thing with any investigation is to carry out a preliminary meeting with the client to establish what the problem might be and if necessary, arrange to talk to any witnesses. During this meeting, we may suggest that the client keeps a diary for two weeks to record everything that occurs noting down the date, time and a description of the activity.  A diary can help both the client and ourselves to gain a clear picture of frequency and types of phenomena that has been occurring. After two weeks we would do a follow up phone call or meeting to discuss the diary and see if further weeks or recording is required or whether a date should be booked with the client to investigate using our equipment.

Normally, we carry out the investigation overnight starting from around 7pm and finishing around 4 or 5am at the latest. Investigating overnight is nothing to do with the myth that phenomena is more active at night.  Investigating overnight helps us to control many of the environmental variables such as noise polution as possible.  Also, a lot of the equipment we use works a lot better in low light and any audio recording can seem a lot clearer however, we are flexible to fit around clients needs and schedules.

Upon arrival to the location we immediately begin setting up all the necessary euipment making sure that health and safety is addressed. Once all the equipment is set up in the desired areas the team members are split up between the areas and the camera monitoring station. Just before the start of the investigation, a team briefing is given about the investigation plan and all investigation guidelines and policies are given as a reminder including the health and safety regulations and any security notices. Sometimes it is necessary to use investigation log sheets in which team members would carry with them to make notes such as times, area and description of activity and these would be issued during the briefing.

Once the investigation begins, each small team will go to their designated area and spend 45 minutes taking notes, taking photos or video, recording audio using voice recorders and also listening out for any type of activity. After the 45 minutes everyone joins up in a break area for a 15 minute refreshment break.  After the break the team will rotate to a different area to investigate so that all areas have been covered by all team members.

On completion of the overnight investigation, the team will pack away the equipment and spend the next few weeks analysing the recordings and measuring against everything including any notes taken.  The investigation details and any findings are then put into a report with one copy being sent to the client and one copy is securely archived into our database for our teams own research and analysis into the paranormal phenomena. Once the client has recieved the report and spent some time reviewing the document, we may carry out a post investigation consultation to discuss the report and answer any questions or concerns the client may have.  We value our clients confidentialy which is why details of the investigation will never be shared with any third parties unless consent is given by the client.